Rosie and Bean - Menu


 Tea Pigs Tea 
 Earl grey£2.30 
 Green tea£2.30 
 Hot chocolate£2.75 
 Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows£3.35 
 Soft drinks£FROM2.00 
 Juice cartons£1.30 
 Sliced cake£3.00 
 Rocky road£1.80 
 Caramel shortbread£2.00 
 Shortbread men£0.60 
 Chicken pesto and parmesan panini£6.00 
 Goats cheese red onion chutney and salad panini£6.00 
 Ham and cheese panini£5.50 
 Cheese and tomato panini£5.50 
 Sandwiches on choice of white bloomer or malted brown. 
 Mature cheddar and tomato£5.00 
 Tuna mayo and cucumber£5.00 
 Ham salad and chutney£5.00 
 Chicken salad and mayo£5.00 
 Childrens Sandwiches 
 Choices of£2.50 
 Childrens Lunch Bag 
 Choice of sandwich 
 Pom bear crisps 
 Babybel cheese 
 Satsuma or cucumber 
 Juice carton 
 Baked potato 
 Baked potato and one filling£6.00 
 Extra fillings£0.50 
 Hot food 
 Quiche & Salad£6.50 
 Goats cheese£6.50 
 Chicken Pesto£6.50 
 Pain au chocolate£2.00